A career at Resilience Inc is synonymous with growth.Β 

We don’t place people into jobs here at Resilience Inc; we offer them long-term career opportunities; opportunities to grow and develop internally based on variables like performance, attitude, and reliability vs. tenure and seniority. A career at Resilience Inc is meant to be challenging and invigorating. We don’t promise a normal 9-5 because that’s not what we have to offer. We offer a structured path into marketing & sales management in the time most are still in an entry level role at a major corporation. 12-18 months in our company is like a compressed Master’s program: a classroom where minds are shaped into leaders and seasoned marketing/sales professionals.

What we look for:

  • Natural communication skills
  • Professional image & dress
  • Outgoing, social personality
  • Desire to grow
  • Innate leadership ability
  • Positive attitude

Why work for Resilience Inc:

  • Great management
  • Strong advancement opportunities
  • Philanthropy initiatives
  • Represent esteemed clientele
  • Weekly social events
  • Financial freedom

What we’re hiring for: