Collierville roots with national reach and international goals

All clients want more customers and better results. At Resilience Inc, being the face of our clients is what we pride ourselves in. We build genuine connections to provide quality solutions, bringing in new customers and maintaining relations with existing customers. This allows us to surpass our client’s expectations and provide growth and opportunities for our team.


Our first priority is to develop a team-based work culture by creating authentic relationships with all people we talk to. We solidify these bonds by being competitive to bring out the best in each other and work in unity to achieve our goals.

Sales Consultations

Businesses large and small struggle with attracting customers to try their products and services. By outsourcing sales to a professionally trained team like Resilience Inc, you can rest easy that our primary focus is on the experience of your customer. Between identifying their needs and providing solutions, our sales methodology is about creating a simple, enjoyable buying process.

Face-to-Face Marketing

While most companies employ internal marketing teams that handle advertising, actually interacting with customers face-to-face is something most organizations don't specialize in. At Resilience Inc, not only do we enjoy engaging with leads face-to-face, we actually prefer it. We believe that creating a relationship with a potential customer is better done with a smile and a handshake.

Campaign Management

Looking to roll out your product/service into a new part of Collierville? Perhaps this is an area you're unfamiliar with and need assistance introducing the brand into the community. Look no further than Resilience Inc, the cavalry of your market share growth. We plan, execute, track, and analyze how best to attract new customers and retain old ones.

Leadership Development

Perhaps our strongest service, we groom and develop the future leaders of the marketing & sales industry through a comprehensive Leadership Development Program. By focusing on departments of marketing, sales, administration, human resources, bookkeeping, SEO, and management, we shape Marketing & Sales Managers capable of overseeing new office locations.


We're more than just good looks.

Return on Investment 100%

Customer Acquisition 95%

Business Management 88%

Opportunity for Growth 100%


Happy Customers


Customer Accounts


Planned Markets


Grizzlies Fans


Teamwork divides the task & multiplies the success

Jessica Schmitz
Administrative Recruiter

Where you’re from: St. Louis

What made you choose to work with us: I fell in love with recruiting and building personal relationships with my team! Watching and helping them grow motivates me every day to be the best I can be.

Hobbies: nature photography, hitting downtown on the weekends with friends, reading and binge-watching Netflix

Fun fact: I am adopted from India


Where you’re from: Pensacola, FL

What made you choose to work with us: The Opportunity for growth. Being a former athlete I knew I wanted to be in a fun competitive team environment.

Hobbies: Bowling

A fun fact about you: Once featured on Netflix series Last chance U


Where you’re from: Houston, Texas


What made you choose to work with us: I knew I was committing to a team that cares more about the person than money and seeing how fast one can grow in the business by giving unbelievable effort.


Hobbies: Motor Mechanic/Love serving others


Where you’re from: Pensacola, Fl

What made you choose to work with us: Resilience has given me that exact opportunity, and I’ve met lifelong friends that push me to do my best every day and congratulate me for my efforts on a daily basis.

Hobbies: I like cheap drinks, tattoos, and Morgan Wallen!

A fun fact about you: I’m the friend you CANNOT put on speaker phone and I have a donkey laugh!


Where you're from: Columbus, OH

What made you choose to work with us: I started with this company because I wanted to be a part of a team.

Hobbies: My hobbies include spending time with my two puppies, and trying new restaurants in Nashville.

A fun fact about you: I have an obsession with Cleopatra and even named my dog (cleo) after her. I was an SEC athlete and love sports


Where you’re from: Atmore, AL

What made you choose to work with us: What made me want to start working here is the opportunity to excel and be successful beyond just doing sales like running my own team and office.

Hobbies: Hunting, Playing sports

A fun fact about you: I Played football at Mercer University for 5 years


Where you're from: Nashville, TN


What made you choose to work with us: Growth of experience in sales and management. As those are two areas I felt would be very beneficial to me in the future.

Hobbies: Watching NFL Sundays, Fishing

A fun fact about you: I can play saxophone


We work hard and play even harder. Our high energetic environment draws in those looking to have fun and compete. We work together to provide the best results for our clients.


Looking for a career with unlimited growth potential? Ready for a rewarding opportunity in a fun, exciting work environment? Rise to the challenge in a career at Resilience Inc!



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